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Mountain Man E-Liquid - Apple Maple Granola - 60ML/100ML

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A mix of crisp, crunchy, juicy apples, sticky maple syrup, and granola makes for a healthy autumn snack that will lift your spirits. You can easily imagine yourself within the wilderness, crunching your feet on dried up fall leaves, when you vape the aromatic blend. The maple syrup flavor isn't too sweet, and tastes like a genuine thing, freshly tapped from the tree. This mixture of flavor really does bring about the true autumn vibes. The memory of evoking vape juice blend will have you picturing yourself on a scenic hayride with the chilly autumn air blowing  through your hair, and the smell of apple cider tickling your nose. A flavor combination that works beautifully together, and will make a ultimately pleasing vaping experience that you will long for.