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Do you like your vape juice blends to be just a touch above all of the rest? This is a line that just screams luxury from the packaging to the flavor profiles, it's like you are spending a day away at the spa and feeling like absolute royalty. You won't have to subject yourself to any of those lackluster, poor quality juices that keep popping up on the market anymore and can just live your best
life vaping the juices that you love and giving yourself as high class of an experience as possible. Goldleaf Drip Salt E Liquid is made up of the flavors Don, Don Apple, Hooch, Nom Nom, Panama and Versa that are all just as equally as delicious and vape worthy that you are going to go crazy for! Once you get out there and try one, you are going to want to get out there and try every single last one because they have that certain something special that makes you wish that you had been able to get a hold of them long ago. Think back to when you started vaping and remember that excitement that you felt the very first time you fired up your mod and the excitement that you had for this hobby, that feeling can very well end up being recaptured when you add innovative, different blends into the swing of things. Whenever any of your friends are around and catch the smell of the juices that you're vaping, they are going to instantly demand that you tell them exactly what it is that you have in your mod. Made with salt nicotine, every inhale that you take from these blends is going to be so impactful and satisfying that you will fall in love.