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Mountain Man E-Liquid - Peanut Butter Granola - 60ML/100ML

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Crunch and munch your cravings away with Peanut Butter Granola E-Liquid. That well known, scrumptious granola bar flavor that we all go nuts for, but can't stand the mess it leaves behind. But now you can have a mess free, convenient vape option. Mountain Man E-Liquid seamlessly recreated this treat made up of savory granola, smooth peanut butter to please the masses with their awesome blend. This nutty, crunchy goodness will have you enjoying that flavor that you crave. Peanut Butter Granola Crunch has a fantastic flavor profile with tastes that go together naturally. It will hit all the right notes on your palate for sure. Inhale and be shocked by just how true to form it really is with all the rich, peanut buttery undertones that we all can't help but be obsessed with.