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Here at VML Vapors we strive to give professional and accurate information to our customers about the vape industry.  VML opened its first location in September 2013, when the vaping boom was just starting. Since it was our first shop it wasn't the prettiest or the most elaborate one but was on the second floor of a hair salon.  We were one of the first shops in Connecticut.  With the all the great support from our community we decided to upgrade to an actual store were we can call our own in East Haven Ct.  This move took a lot of work from a team of dedicated employees and friends.  This shop would become the cornerstone of our company and is still in operation today.  As time went on we became more and more popular in the community and our opinion became highly sought after.  When we started hearing about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations we knew we had to be a good influence in making sure our customers were safe with the products that they love to vape.  So we went to open our own e-liquid manufacturing section of the company where we started from the beginning getting ready for the FDA by implementing Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) where every product that left our facility will be consistent to the highest quality of standards.  As we continue to grow our small company from the upstairs of a hair salon we make sure that our efforts are for our customers and to be a good example of what this industry strives for.  This section will be a spot where our customers can receive the same information that you would expect from anyone of our employees to give you if you came into one of our 2 shops.  If you are in the area of East Haven CT or Hamden CT we would be happy to meet you and have a good discussion of your thoughts.  Since this will be a place where I can discuss questions that come up in our local shops that might have a impact to everyone here.  



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